Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helmet Decorating (or rather) Decoupaging!

Taken the morning after in his pj's. = )

Yesterday Ari had a date with a professional helmet decorator (*wink*) to get his helmet decoupaged!

Our friend Megan is a master crafter and when I thought about decorating Ari's helmet, she was the first person that came to mind. She has her own blog, Polish the Stars, where she blogs about the crafty things she does, so I knew she would be able to figure out how to make the project successful and look awesome. = D

Ari and I headed over to her house yesterday afternoon. I was running late, as usual, so we landed there right at lunchtime. We all ate lunch together (Ari played with a toy in his portable high chair, which ROCKS) and then got down to business.

While Megan figured out how to miniaturize the photos Drew and I had decided we liked, I chatted with her and took pictures of her working. (I'm a very good helper!)
Based on your votes during the Helmet Poll, we chose to do some classic "Sailor Jerry" style tattoos. = D

I also kept a very close eye on Ari while he explored. That boy is a dare-devil already! When he did have his helmet on, I swear I counted about 15 incidents that would have resulted in a bruise and intense crying. So, when we took it off, I really had to watch him as he crawled and cruised around, working on developing. ; )

Jeremy, Megan's son, was really excited about Ari being there... although his excitement slightly dwindled once he fully understood that Ari would not be able to run around the house and chase him. I did attempt to help Ari do this once, but wore out quickly. Ari loved it though. = D

Jeremy was very interested in Ari, asking questions about his eating habits, pooping habits, sleeping habits, physical abilities. Trying to explain everything in a way he would understand was good practice for me and very entertaining. = )

After Megan was done, and had given the helmet a little hairdryer action to speed up the drying process, Ari got to try his awesome helmet on. He felt like a new man.. empowered really! ; )

After a little bit more eating and playtime, we were on our way. We had to get Ari back home for his nap. Jeremy decided that Ari should sleep at his house, but I told him that I had to get back home because I also had studying to do. (I totally ended up flaking out on that and instead edited my fun pictures.. *sigh*)

Ari and I are so thankful for Megan's awesome gift to us! I am not blogging details about how Megan decorated his helmet, because I didn't really help, and I know she will be blogging about it when she has the time. When she does, I will let you know so that you can check it out!

Here are some pictures though, both of the process and the final result.
= D

Watch out everyone... Ari now thinks he's a bad mother.... ; D


  1. It was fun hanging out with you and Ari. I'm so glad that you are happy with how the helmet turned out! I will put together a post about it first thing in November. :)

  2. I'm super happy with it. And super pleased that his helmet adjustment didn't mess with it at all! = D